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Do I Own

Do I Own “Too Much Car”?

How much car should I buy? Stick with me here for a moment. “Sometimes I drive to the coast”. “Sometimes I go camping”. These sound like good reasons to “sometimes” have a bigger vehicle, but do you really need to drive the Family Truckster… read more

Should I wait while you work on it?

Should I wait while you work on it?

You don’t want to LOSE do you? They say there are more ways to lose a race than to win one. As a long-time racer, I can attest to that. One little thing goes wrong and you lose, but everything has to go right in order for you to win. You may not think… read more

How do I find you guys?

How do I find you guys?

All roads lead to 25th Street! Lots of people just want to know how to “find auto repair near me”. Or better yet, “honest auto repair…” We’re centrally located in Phoenix, but some people come from the east valley, west valley or north valley. Som… read more

What's up with car repair cost?

What’s up with car repair cost?

Why do car repairs cost so much? Boy, we all feel that pain! There are of course a lot of factors in the car care equation, but what comes immediately to mind is a recent clutch repair. In order to get to the clutch, we had to remove the steering. Ther… read more

Don't buy that new or used car!   (yet)

Don’t buy that new or used car! (yet)

Don’t buy a new or used car without at least calling your car guys. We’re car guys, we know cars…and we care about you. (I know it seems odd that someone in the auto industry could be a good person, but we’re different.) One way we’re different… read more

Do these awards REALLY mean anything?

Do these awards REALLY mean anything?

Well, if they were made-up words, no. BBB Ethics Award Winner AAA “Top Shop” ADEQ Green Business ASE Certified Technicians What’s up with all those awards and certifications? Do they really mean anything to me? While we’re at it, what about terms… read more

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