Let Our Technicians Perform a Maintenance and Repair Check on Your Car

Many people ask us about fuel injector flushing. We don’t do as many injection flushes as most shops because many people just don’t need the service. No reason performing unneeded services to your car! We do, however, perform all kinds of tests, repairs and maintenance by our ASE certified technicians with the latest equipment and training.

Car, SUV, Light Truck Fuel System ReapirConsistent use of top-tier gas can prevent (or reduce) the need for periodic Injection System maintenance. We suggest the use of top-tier gasoline in the manufacturers recommended octane level. You can find a list of safe places to buy gas for your car at: www.toptiergas.com/

An often overlooked item in your car’s care is the fuel filter. Most cars have a replaceable high pressure filter under the car that the manufacturer expects to be replaced periodically. How long has it been since you replaced your fuel filter? Your miles per gallon may be suffering because of just a few simple maintenance fixes.

Don’t run your car down near empty before filling the tank. Fill your car at 1/4 tank to prolong fuel pump life and reduce breakdown risk. No, really… there’s a reason for this beyond: “oops. I ran out of gas”. Your electric fuel pump is inside the tank. The fuel pump uses the fuel in the tank to dissipate heat from the fuel pump. You don’t want to overheat an electronic part that can lead to several hundred dollars or more in repair expenses.

No matter how much you add or how often you add fuel to your car it still uses pretty much the same amount of fuel to get you from place to place: it doesn’t cost less to operate you car by adding fuel $5.00 at a time. In the long run, filling the tank up will save you both time and money.

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