Air Conditioning Repair

Let’s see, A/C repair or heater repair …the same only different?

We service all kinds of cars and trucks here with all kinds of: failures, problems…and of course maintenance. Sometimes the requests we get are for heating complaints, but, livening here in the desert, it’s more often about air conditioning problems.

If you crawl under your dash, you’ll find that the A/C and Heater share a lot more than just the fan speed knob in your control panel. The engine does its part in creating hot water for the heater and it also runs a pump of sorts – the A/C compressor. The part under the dash pretty much does the rest. The Heater Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC) system doesn’t have a single “unit” like the box on the roof of your house. It is made up of many different components, one being the box, an air handler of sorts under the dash. On most cars, we call this the evaporator case. The controls on your dash tell a computer what to do, then the computer tells little actuator motors to move the doors that direct the air (that the blower motor moves) up and down and past the cold thing (the evaporator) or the hot thing (the heater core). That translates into a comfy passenger.

Recharging the A/C on your car doesn’t help if the components under the dash are not directing (or mixing) the hot and cold correctly. But we can help. We’ve got the training, tools and information to make sense of the system in your car.

While that may be a lot of words, rest assured that we know what’s up, and the fact is that most people only spend a little over 100.00 making their Air Conditioning blow cold again.
Stop by or give us a call, we’re in the “helping” business.

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