Well, if they were made-up words, no.

BBB Ethics Award Winner
AAA “Top Shop”
ADEQ Green Business
ASE Certified Technicians

What’s up with all those awards and certifications? Do they really mean anything to me?

While we’re at it, what about terms like “Certified Used Car” (certified by whom and certified as what?) or “Each of our technicians is trained and certified” (again, they could train them in-house to take advantage of you and then certify that they are real money-makers for their company!). Believe me: we’ve seen it all. Not to take away from ethical businesses that make such claims legitimately, but in the car repair business…not every shop is full of good guys.

Since the awards mentioned about us are from real, respected, third-party organizations…that were created to inform and protect you…they mean quite a lot.

An award-winning shop like ours is a stand-out; you just don’t find others like it. Both the AAA and the BBB dig deep and expect a great deal of transparency from us before they consider such an honor…and that means some really good businesses get left out because the just don’t measure up. They simply don’t meet our high standards.

These respected organizations look at what we do for our customers (in good times and in bad) our community (charity work and assistance to those with challenges) and our environment (even after receiving our environmental award we added solar panels and even friendlier shop equipment).

Going above and beyond, while being respectful of your finances…is what we’re all about.

So yes, that means you won’t find a better shop to guide you through what your car needs…or simply tell you what it doesn’t need.