Customer Testimonials

“Maintenance of your car starts with customer care.
We take care of you…then we take care of your car. Check out a few of our reviews and testimonials.”

– Bill Coniam, 25th street automotive

“They did a great job on my repairs. They kept me informed the entire time and every expenditure was authorized in advance by me. It is a relief to find an auto repair facility with integrity. I highly recommend them.”

– Andrew Greess
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“For over 10 years, I’ve taken all my vehicles to 25th Street Automotive. They are truly a different kind of car repair shop. They understand my needs as a business owner – keeping me informed of the status of my repairs, keeping their promises and getting me back on the road as soon as possible. Plus, their friendly shuttle service means I’m not sitting in the repair shop! I’m glad I have a car repair shop that I can trust and feel comfortable referring my friends to.

– Jenifer Anseth
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“Prompt, thorough service for my older vehicle. Bill, the owner, took the time to explain everything before and after the repairs were made. He suggested everything that my car needed and then we decided what was necessary for safety and efficiency of the vehicle and what could wait till next time.”

– Kathy McCloskey
KAM Environmental Inc.
“Great, prompt service. Courteous communication. Highly recommended. We have been going to 25th Street Automotive for over 10 years. We take our 2 business vans as well as our 2 personal vehicles there. I have also recommended my father and brother to them.”They always tell you exactly what is wrong before you have to pay for the repairs. You know what to expect before you ever pick up your vehicle. Their recommendations are always good and they are always really polite. Their customer service is very good. They are willing to give you a ride back to wherever you need to be. Over all, I am very pleased with their service.”

– Margaret & Rick F.
“Bill always explains what repairs are needed immediately, what can wait and sometimes he says no repairs are necessary. He also discusses the cost before repairs are made. Integrity is a word that best describes him.”The mechanics are equally efficient. They are honest and highly skilled; otherwise they wouldn’t be employed here. Everyone takes pride in their work and, in addition, they are a friendly group.

“25th Street Automotive is the only place I have said: ‘Go ahead and make the necessary repairs. You don’t need to call me for permission.’ This is how much I trust these people.”

– Patricia Viss
“This is so refreshing!”

– J.P., Phx.
“Great work, even better value!”

– Martin Arnold
“Outstanding service! I definately have a new ‘hometown’ shop – Thank you!”

– B.K., Phx.
“I have been going to Bill’s shop ever since he opened and I was so impressed with his honesty, ethics, and outgoing friendly personality, that I have gone back with all my cars (new and used) and sent family members and friends to him without a second thought as to how well they would be treated. In a sea of tarnished unreputable repair shops he is the undisputed shining light of honesty that you can always trust.Without a doubt, he is, as his slogan says: BILTMORE’S (and Phoenix’s) TRUSTED CHOICE!”

– Dr. Steve Doholis
“Ihave been going to Bill’s place, 25th Street Automotive, since 2002. I have an older vehicle, a 1996 Blazer, and I have been keeping it alive thanks to Bill. I can’t say enough good things about them.”I have come to the point where I am going to have to buy a new car, and Bill has mentioned a connection to purchasing previously owned vehicles. Bill will also do a thorough examination of the vehicle to insure that you are not getting a lemon. I definitely plan on utilizing that.

“Bill and his folks at 25th Street are like lifelong friends. I will always take my vehicles to them. The repairs turn out very well. The issues are resolved, and I never have a reason to go back. One time, several years ago, a defective fuel pump was installed, and I had to bring it back. Bill made sure that it was covered so that I didn’t have to pay any money. However, that wasn’t because of the work done by 25th Street Automotive.

“There is no need to go anywhere else. You won’t find a more honest, fair, and customer-service oriented place of business in the valley.”

– David P.
“Bill Coniam is 12 TV’s “Car Guy,” has won the highest awards (Top Shop) for customer service through AAA for years running. He is endorsed by everyone in the industry, it seems. I’ve been his client and vendor for years, and moved to his shop from a shop I felt very good about simply because I felt better about 25th Street Automotive. It was the right choice. My whole family takes their cars there now.”

– Chris Comus
Grand Canyon Technology
“A Fantastic Auto Shop! I love 25th Street Auto, and I trust them not only with my car, but with the cars at the non-profit I work for as well. In the past, I’ve gone to other auto shops because I had a coupon or they had a good deal, but I found that they always tried to sell me services I didn’t need, especially since I am a woman. At 25th Street Auto, both Bill’s tell me what needs to be fixed immediately, and what can wait until the future.”For example, I had a coupon for a free oil change at another shop, and when I took my car in, the shop employee told me that I needed new brakes immediately. I then took my car to 25th Street Auto, and Bill told me my brakes just needed to be cleaned, and that they were still good for several thousand more miles.

“In addition, they can often get my car in the shop on the same day, they have a key drop-off box so I take my car in the night before, and they have a shuttle service if I need a ride.”

– Kristen M.
“I love my car guys! I have been a customer of 25th St. Auto for over 3 years now. Being 25, a woman, and far from home, it is hard to find car guys you trust who aren’t trying to take advantage of you or just make a buck. These guys are the best! They are super friendly, professional and honest and truly only want what’s best for you, your car, and your budget. Knowing I can trust their advice, recommendations, and expertise is a comforting feeling. Oh, and a comforting feeling for my dad too. :)”

– Kristin T.
“Great, prompt service. Courteous communication. Highly recommended. We have been going to 25th Street Automotive for over 10 years. We take our 2 business vans as well as our 2 personal vehicles there. I have also recommended my father and brother to them. They always tell you exactly what is wrong before you have to pay for the repairs. You know what to expect before you ever pick up your vehicle. Their recommendations are always good and they are always really polite. Their customer service is very good. They are willing to give you a ride back to wherever you need to be. Over all, I am very pleased with their service.”

– Margaret & Rick F.
“Honest, reliable, great communication and I can trust what they say.”When I moved here 7 or 8 years ago I had to look around for an auto mechanic for my older car. At first I went to the dealer because I didn’t have anyone else and didn’t have any resources in the area to call on. I was not happy with the dealer, but I felt that I didn’t know where to go. A few years in I went to Angie’s list and looked on the internet for mechanics in the area. 25th Street Automotive got very high marks, so I started going there. It turned out to be excellent service, as was indicated. I have been using them for approximately 4 or 5 years.

“25th Street Automotive is very good at giving estimates, and keeping me informed about what is going on. If there is a change is the estimate or a concern, they will call to communicate it. I am sure they have a radius for this service, but they will bring me home after I drop my car off. I will take my car there in the morning, they will bring me home, and then they will come back to get me when the car is finished. I don’t need to rent a car. It is a really nice service that they provide.

“Another experience that was outstanding happened when they were doing the annual check up for my car. I have an older car, and 25th Street Automotive checks it over to see if they need to change any belts or anything else. About 2 weeks after I brought it home I noticed that there was fluid leaking under the car. I took it back for them to check. They called back and let me know that there was a gasket or belt that they did not realize was on my car, and it had needed to be changed when they had done everything earlier. Bottom line is that they were willing to admit that they had made a mistake and overlooked something, and that they fixed the issue completely free of charge. The time for the service and for the part to fix it were completely free. It was a very positive experience.

“I know I can trust them. If they tell me something is needed right away, I know that it is actually necessary. Likewise, if they tell me that something can wait I know that I can wait without being in danger. I know they are not pushing service on me that is not needed, and I know they will not put me or my car in jeopardy.”

– Elaine H.
Elaine makes a good point about who we are: even though neither Toyota nor our Master Technician had ever seen this particular hose on this particular model didn’t mean that we don’t hold ourselves to higher standards – so we paid for the repair (that she would have been charged for during the prior service IF Toyota knew it was even there when they sent us the supplies). We’re Biltmore’s trusted choice for a reason: we do what’s right. – The Car Guys
“I‘m not right in the neighborhood, but I bring my car across town to have Bill and Bill take care of it. I can count on them for a fair price on things that are really needed and properly performed. They care about my needs instead of just trying to sell me things.”

– Jeff Wallack
“25th Street Automotive has been maintaining every car my husband and I have owned for many years now. Bill and his staff have always been thorough, timely, informative, professional – and most importantly – honest. There have been times when we’ve even been told that we do not need to do a repair that we thought was necessary, and they’ve always been right. We trust them, recommend them to our family and friends, and would never use any other mechanic shop.”

– Elayne Arnold
Productivity Architects
“I‘ve been taking my car(s) to them for years. Super organized system, excellent customer environment, and very level headed and trustworthy diagnosis and advice is always administered. They are the BEST!”

– Jon Simpson
“Bill and his team at 25th Street Automotive combine honesty, integrity and great customer service for an experience that is far too rare in the automotive service industry. Imagine having complete faith and trust in the people who work on your car, knowing that they have the expertise to diagnose and fix any problem, and that they won’t try to sell you on repairs you don’t need. It gives me peace of mind!”

“I would like to say how much my husband liked you and your work, and he’s one picky son-of-a-gun. It was a real pleasure to take my car to someone who I completely trust to give me an honest opinion and only do what is necessary. I’m very happy!”

– Kathy Dubs
Kathy’s Estate Sales LLC,
“These guys are the best there is – I really trust them with my cars.”

– Joel Bez
“From the first time I came to your shop, I’ve known I’ll never go anywhere else. Ever. Not only have you done excellent work at a fair price, but also all of you have gone out of your way for me many, many times, been always honest and kind. Your customer service is exceptional. how lucky I am to feel as though I’m with “family” and with the best repair shop in all of Phoenix.”

– Laura Morris
“Aloha, Bill. I appreciate your commitment to be an honest man in the auto repair world. Thanks for being a leader.”

– Todd Johnson
Conquest Training Systems
“Your shop went out of your way to service my 05′ Saturn ION. The oil filter to a Saturn is only available at a Saturn Dealer as we found out. Thanks for the speedy service and transportation to and from the mall.”

– Leslie Gray
“I personally want to thank the team at 25th Street Automotive for their professionalism, knowledge and “can do attitude” in taking care of my Jeep. The way you have serviced it the past six months was not only with exceptional service and knowledge – put completed at a very reasonable and fair price. You have a customer for good!”

– Jeff Coruccini
“Thanks for asking me about my plans for my Altima. I really appreciate the time you too to find out my intentions with my car. You told me what to do now and what to not do since I had plans on trading the car for a new vehicle in a few months. You saved me hundreds of dollars.”

– Gail Keith
Gail Keith Marketing Strategies
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