Get your Oil Changed By The Best Technicians

Oil changes…every 6 months or 4500 miles.

No. I don’t recommend this to keep my shop busy. I do it because I see benefits to the vehicle’s owner.

As far as service recommendations and intervals, I believe this:

Car, SUV, Light Truck Oil Change
Manufacturers want a car to sound like it is cheap to maintain so you can expect that it would be good marketing sense for them to stretch it a bit and say you don’t have to change the oil for 7500 miles. I don’t trust them.
“Minimum required maintenance” is legally binding as an expectation to get your car to go the length of the warranty… It is not the way to make it last 200,000 miles like it can if you take better care of it.

A $39.95 oil change is a cheap way to get us to do the $39.95 6 month inspection: yes, that’s virtually a free oil change – what’s not to like? (a periodic inspection like this is also on the manufacturer’s list, even on a hybrid).

The majority of the American public ignores much about their cars, except maybe our suggestion to bring it in from time to time. If it isn’t here in our care – they probably aren’t addressing it. Out of sight, out of mind. Let a pro keep an eye on it for you (one who has been recognized for their ethics).

Synthetic oil changes? Synthetic oil is great – I feel that chemists can make better lubricants than can be refined from crude oil pumped out of the ground. I’d recommend synthetic oil changes once a year and then periodic inspections based on vehicle, age, mileage, use…probably every 6 months.

Synthetic blends? A quart of “conventional” oil is mostly refined crude oil with some additives. Are you getting enough of an improved product by mixing in a little more additive and calling it a “blend”? I think not.

So, conventional oil or synthetic? We’ll help you determine which is right for you.

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