Diagnosis and Repair of your Battery and Charging System

Over the years we’ve had many people come in saying their car doesn’t start.

Car, SUV, Light Truck Battery & Charging SystemSince guessing at the cause is pretty risky, we’ll run some logical tests and report back to you before continuing with repairs. With so many potential causes: loose connections, alternators, starters, batteries, even a light being left on somewhere…the guessing game can be a costly gamble.

We’ve been around for a while and have seen a lot!

While we have had some people ask us to replace their battery because “it’s been a couple years”, most people aren’t right on top of catching things before they leave them stranded. Since we send old batteries back to have the lead recycled, replacing your battery every 2 years may not be a wasteful thing after all. Our batteries do not end up in a landfill.

If your car is in for the checkup that we suggest (about every 6 months), we typically perform a battery state-of-health check which can identify a problem before it leaves you stranded. You can expect us to share logical, truthful findings when you trust your car, light truck, van or SUV to us.

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