You don’t want to LOSE do you?

They say there are more ways to lose a race than to win one. As a long-time racer, I can attest to that. One little thing goes wrong and you lose, but everything has to go right in order for you to win.

You may not think of it, but the same conditions affect your trip to the repair shop. You can set yourself up to win, or you can take an increased chance of losing.

Here’s the potential stumbling block (that really can be upsetting if you intend to wait at the shop while your car is serviced): When a car is in for service, there is a whole symphony of things going on: multiple staff members are involved in each visit, different shop equipment is used, parts will be required and other cars are in the shop at the same time. If the wrong part arrives, a minor additional need is identified (which is why the car is in the shop: to be checked over) or a simple thing like your oil pan drain plug needs to be replaced, this can slow down what should have been a quick visit.

Most of the people we help get a ride to work (we can provide the ride). If something causes the speedy flow of service to stumble, it doesn’t affect them, since they’re busy working and planned to pick up the car later, like at lunch or after work.

We’re really good at what we do, but if you need to or want to wait while we service your car, please remember “there are more ways to lose a race than there are to win one” …just in case something goes wrong.