We hear that all the time.

Since we’re honest, the answer takes a little explaining.

First of all, most people call us because someone they’re not sure they trust (very often the dealer) said they need brakes. We tell them they should get a second opinion rather than a second price. Shady shops are even more likely to sell you things you don’t need than they are to over-charge you for something you really need.

No price is good (or fair, or cheap) if the repairs are not needed, not performed properly or worse yet: not even performed.

I bet most of the people who ask us – don’t need brakes at all.

Next, you never just install new brake pads. The rotors must be machined or replaced, the calipers must be properly prepared and brakes at the other end of the car need to be doing their share of the work too.

At 25th Street Automotive, we’ve found that it’s cheaper to do it right the first time, using quality parts that the car owner will be happy with, and doing all the steps that too many shops cut out to save time. No, there is no such thing as a $99.00 brake job.