Please read on before someone causes you to spend too much.

If someone tells you they don’t charge for diagnosis, or seem to be the cheapest around: be very suspicious!
Diagnostic tests are the most difficult and expensive things your mechanic can do. That said, no one can or will find out the real problem in your car for free. No matter what they tell you. While it is true that an experienced car guy could make a guess, potentially spending hundreds of dollars on the wrong car repair is a very expensive guess.

Beware also of a “flat fee” diagnostic quote on complex things like electronics and Check Engine Lights and emission test failures. There is no sense paying someone whatever round figure they quote you if they don’t have to do that many tests. There is no sense paying someone to do some of the tests and then guess from there…again, with your repair dollars.

We know what we are doing and have been recognized by the BBB for our fair business practices: we will tell you the truth.

Common scams:

  1. • The “$80-90.00 test” fee: They scan your car for codes and sell you things based on that (very preliminary) information. Whether they even finished those tests or not.
  2. • The “We’ll apply the diagnosis fee to the repair” story: Since no one works for free (and they can’t turn back time and not perform tests with their expensive equipment) expect they will add it in to the repair cost (and hopefully not short change the person working on your car).

The truth:

• An honest shop or technician will perform the steps the car manufacturers lay out to perform a diagnosis. They will stop spending your money when they’ve reached a logical conclusion. They will charge reasonable prices for only the steps they had to take. No more. No less. No guessing…and no charging you for the money they lost on the last guy.